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  Welcome to the New Jersey Council of Master Plumbers Inc.
This website www.NJCMPI.org has been developed by the New Jersey Council of Master Plumbers Inc. as a form of communication and reference for both the NJ Master Plumber and the NJ Consumer.
It is the Council's intent to help protect and educate NJ citizens about the health and safety hazards associated with the improper installation and repair of plumbing, drainage and water systems. 

The New Jersey Council of Master Plumbers Inc. encourages our Members, made up primarily of professionally licensed New Jersey Master Plumbers, to stay current with all advances in the plumbing industry by providing continuing education seminars on new technology and products, updates on code changes, and advances in the laws pertaining to the plumbing industry which affect our members, their employees and families.
   Did you know that in the State of New Jersey it is illegal to advertise or perform plumbing services, even minor work such as fixing or repairing toilets, faucets, garbage disposals, dishwashers and even repairs to water or drain piping that does not require a permit,
unless they are a licensed New Jersey Master Plumber? That person or company is
breaking the law which could get you in to trouble.
So before you hire a contractor to renovate, repair or replace that old plumbing. Please make sure that the company that you hire is Licensed and Bonded by the State of New Jersey to do plumbing. The company's license you hire will always start with 36bio#######. A Home Improvement Contractors Registration starts with 13vh########. At the bottom of their license it states "not an Plumbing or Electrical license". so always ask for their Plumbing License Number.
Protect your family and hire only New Jersey Licensed Plumber
            IT IS THE OPINION OF THE NEW JERSEY COUNCIL OF                
“An informed consumer and a properly licensed and trained NJ Master Plumber
serves the best interest of the State of New Jersey and her residents’’
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